Welfare check phone calls.

Tomorrow sees the start of our second week in School for only those identified children and children of Key Workers.

Our Pastoral team and Mrs White will be making welfare check phone calls throughout the week.

We have tried to link up siblings to minimise the number of  calls being made to parents and carers.

However, we apologise in advance if you do get more than one call but some children need the key adult (most used to their individual needs) to contact them in case there is any follow up needed.

We hope you understand that this is in the best interest of each student.

Message from the Link CiC, Mental Health Service for Children, Young People and Families:

During these difficult times we are aware that many children, young people and families may be anxious, struggling to cope with the daily changes or just need someone to talk to.

We have therefore, set up a daily duty telephone line which will be manned by one of our therapeutic practitioners between 2pm and 4pm everyday.

If you would like to access this support then please call 01642 505580 and select option 3 during these times and you will be transferred straight through.

You do not need to be accessing The Link, or be waiting to access, to utilise this telephone line, if you need information, advice or support then please give us a call and we will do what we can to help.

Welfare check phone calls while school is closed.

It is NPCAT policy for all schools to make contact once per week with both parents/carers and students.

Members of School staff will be ringing and asking if all is well and if they can speak to the students. Your child should not be playing out or socialising with friends, so should be available to speak to the member of staff.

Thank you for the lovely comments we received when we started these calls yesterday.




Year 11, Friday March 20th

We recognise that for our Year students, Friday 20th March is likely to be their last School day at Sacred Heart.

As a result Year 11 will have some special time together to be able to sign Leavers books and Shirts during Period 5 tomorrow.

They won’t be allowed to sign the shirt they are wearing so please make sure they bring a different shirt to sign.