Leadership Team
Mrs P Strudwick Headteacher
Mr S Conway Deputy Headteacher
Dr N Tindall Assistant Headteacher
Mrs M Hill Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Corcoran Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Sawyer Assistant Headteacher

Student Achievement Leader (SAL – House
Mr M Keegans SAL – Year 11
Mr P Dukes SAL – Year 10
Mrs M Doyle SAL – Year 9
Mrs E Llley SAL – Year 8
Mrs F Ramsdale SAL – Year 7

Religious Education Teaching Staff
Mr M McGowan Subject Leader
Miss A Smith
Miss C Cantwell
Mrs R Fawcett
Mr S Conway
Mrs K Tattersall
Mrs M Doyle

English Teaching Staff
Mrs C Luke Subject Leader
Miss M Holian
Mr T Lynn
Mrs H Wiley
Mrs E Makin
Mrs N Burns
Miss N Swales

Maths Teaching Staff
Mr P Redshaw Subject Leader
Miss A McCarthy
Mr C Corcoran
Mrs P Miller
Miss H Cook
Miss A Ventress
Miss S Hopkin

Science Teaching Staff
Mrs R Tindall Subject Leader
Ms A Wolfenden
Mrs A White
Mrs L King
Mr E Denis
Dr N Tindall
Mr P Dukes
Mr R Puckrin
Mrs M Hill
Miss P Finney

Art Teaching Staff
Mrs J Beck Subject Leader
Miss E Mohammedzedah

Design and Technology Teaching Staff
Mr M Robertson Subject Leader
Mrs L Marley
Miss K Brown
Mrs R Carter
Mr P Stevenson

Geography Teaching Staff
Mrs F Lewis Subject Leader
Mrs R Petch
Mr G McPherson
Mrs K Swayer

History Teaching Staff
Miss J Gray Subject Leader
Mrs E Lilley
Mrs E Dacey

ICT Teaching Staff
Mr M Rathbone Subject Leader
Mrs C York
Mrs F Ramsdale

Modern Foreign Languages Teaching Staff
Mr S Thompson Subject Leader
Mrs R Rutherford
Mrs A Norminton
Miss H Housam

Music Teaching Staff
Miss C Trodden Subject Leader

Physical Education Teaching Staff
Mr P Freary Subject Leader
Ms F Winspear
Ms M Hewson

Additional Support Staff
Mrs A White SENDCO
Miss M Smith
Miss R Hiscox
Mrs A Ovington
Mrs J Champion
Miss P Muthukumar
Miss K Lunnon
Miss S Mavin Emotional Health Practitioner

Administration Staff
Mrs S Skilbeck
Mrs S Tranter
Mrs S Conway
Mrs J Robinson
Mrs H Pegden Attendance/ Librarian

Behaviour Support Staff
Mr A Bowater
Mr P Robinson
Mr M Keegans
Miss K Jackson

Exams and Data Staff
Mr R Stabler

Finance Staff
Mrs C Frelich

ICT Network Staff
Mr J Ord

Careers Advisor
Mrs V Willis

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants
Mrs M Fuller
Mrs A Spellman
Mrs M Lawther
Mrs C Wray
Mrs P McBarron