As a community, during 2016 and 2017 we worked to review our Mission Statement. We reflected on the Beatitudes and what they mean for us today. We also considered how we can use saints and Christian leaders as role models to encourage and inspire us. Click here to view a PowerPoint showing our journey.

Particular thanks go to a number of Year 8 students who designed an acrostic using the word SACRED, which is now our new Mission statement.

Mission Statement

  • Serve – God and others.
  • Achieve – we reach our goals with grit and resilience.
  • Care – for our community, here and abroad.
  • Right judgement – we value the gifts that God gave us and encourages us to use wisely when making decisions.
  • Education – we are eager to learn and persevere to show reverence for God our Father.
  • Dedication – we focus on challenging ourselves to prove our dedication to God, through helping others.