Welcome to all our Year 6 students and their parents/ carers who will be joining the Sacred Heart family in September 2020.

Transition from Primary School to Secondary School is such an important milestone for your son or daughter. We pride ourselves at Sacred Heart on our robust transition offer and 100% of parents and carers surveyed last year at the Year 7 Settling in Evening stated that their child felt happy and safe at Sacred Heart and had been thoroughly prepared via the transition process for the next part of their journey with us. Although we are currently in unprecedented times, we are hoping we can still prepare your son/ daughter with our transition plans this year.

We normally start our Transition programme straight after the SATS week. It usually begins with a morning or afternoon visit to Sacred Heart to explore what it is like being a student with us and to help them feel less worried about the full transition week in July. The Year 6 students are always very excited and eager to start finding out about life at Sacred Heart. Although this year has been very different and difficult for the current Year 6 students, we want them to be equally as excited as previous years in starting their journey at Sacred Heart.  We have been thinking of how we can still prepare our Year 6 students and welcome them into our family whilst adhering to Government guidelines. We have made some adjustments but feel the Year 6 will be as prepared as possible under the circumstances.

To help us keep you updated and send you relevant documents please complete our parent/carer contact form here

Key Information

All Transition information can be found on this page.

We also send information out on our School Twitter feed so would be grateful if you can ‘follow’ us if you are a Twitter user.

School Twitter feed – @sacredheartrcuk

All transition enquiries should be directed to: transition@sacredheart.npcat.org.uk

Key People:

Mrs M  Hill – Assistant Headteacher and Transition Lead

Miss S Mavin – Emotional health Practitioner and Transition Team

If your son/ daughter is feeling a little wobbly about Secondary School or may benefit from some additional transition to alleviate their worries or fears, your child’s Year 6 teacher will let Mrs Hill know. Mrs Hill will then organise for Sam Mavin to contact you to arrange some extra sessions (possibly remotely depending on COVID-19 and Government guidance) before the transition week in July. Sam will continue the support for as long as is needed into Year 7.


Key dates:

Please note that we aim to stick to these dates but they may change depending on Government guidelines. If things do have to change, we will adapt and inform you, ensuring that all our Year 6 students feel prepared to start Sacred Heart in September.

May 20th 2020 – ‘All about me’ booklet  and ‘Me and my friends’ document emailed to parent email addresses of all Year 6 students. This is so the Year 6 students can tell us about themselves and when they are put into tutor groups it will help their form teacher get to know a little bit about them before transition.

The All about me document needs returning to Sacred Heart Reception by June 1st 2020 so we can pass that over to the Form tutor once they have been allocated. 

The Me and my friends document can be emailed back to the transition email or handed in at our School Reception to enable us  to start forming the tutor groups. If we do not receive them by the 1st June, we will have to allocate your son or daughter without any friendship information.

A copy of the ‘All about me’ booklet can also be downloaded by clicking here

A copy of the ‘Me and my friends’ document can be downloaded by clicking here

 May 28th 2020 – Video link and transition booklet sent to all children. This will include a message from the Headteacher and Pastoral support for Year 7 and it will go through key areas of school life to try and alleviate any worries. This link will be sent by email. If you don’t have an email address please let us know so we can print a paper copy of the documents and power point.

Click on the links below to view:

Welcome from the Headteacher  

Welcome from the Pastoral Lead for Year 7

Welcome to Sacred Heart video

Welcome to Sacred Heart Student Booklet

Welcome to Sacred Heart Powerpoint

June 4th 2020 – Video link sent to all children for our hopes and fears session. This will be led by Sam Mavin our Emotional Health Practitioner who leads our in-school transition activities. Your son or daughter will be able to email Sam on the transition email after the video if they have any specific questions they want to ask. Sam will then get back to them.

Click on the links below to view:

Worries and fears virtual session

Worries and fears power point accompaniment.

June 18th 2020 – Year 6 Parent Information Evening.  This will now be prerecorded. You will receive a video link for a message from  Dr Caldwell, Headteacher, Message from the SAL for Year 7, Message from the Pastoral Support for Year 7 and a message from your son/ daughter’s form tutor, introducing themselves.

You will be told about arrangements for starting Sacred Heart in September. You will also receive a document to fill out a that enables you to share with the form tutor any information you would like us to know about your son/ daughter to help us get to know them better. It is really important to help start to build the home and school relationship. The children will already have sent in their booklets about themselves for their form tutor to have a read.

June 19th onwards – Mrs Hill Assistant Headteacher and Transition Lead and the Student Achievement Leader for Year 7, will be hosting individual virtual meetings (using Google Meet or Zoom depending on your preference), where you will have the opportunity to ask any final questions or discuss any worries you haven’t had chance to resolve during the process so far.

Each School will be given a set date and you will be able to schedule appointments during that day. An email will be sent shortly outlining available slots and you will be asked to sign up in advance.

 July 13th – 17th 2020 – Transition week at Sacred Heart. Unfortunately DFE have now  advised schools that there will be “no face to face transition for Year 6 this year”. We are very sad about this but need to keep you all safe. We are working on back up plans to help you become familiar with our school. We will be in touch with further information in due course.



Please familiarise yourselves with our Trouser and skirt guidance, Shoe guidance , School bag guidance and Appearance guidance before purchasing any uniform. 

Some of our non -logo uniform and PE kit can be bought from Asda, Tesco, Marks and Spencer or Matalan etc.

Ties can only be purchased from Sacred Heart Reception.

Our uniform items with the School logo can be purchased from the following local suppliers:

Ross’s, MiddlesbroughClick here   or contact sales@rosssltd.co.uk

TS3 Sports wearClick here

Quickastitch, Redcar – Blazer size chart Click here

Currently orders can also be placed by email:

sales@quickastitch.co.uk  or by phone: 07475130553

Bambinis, GuisboroughClick here


SEND information

Mrs White our SENDCO will be in touch with all the Year 6 teachers to discuss any children on the SEND Register to ensure we know how to best support our Year 6 with any additional needs. Once she has met with them, she may then be in contact with you regarding your son/ daughter’s SEND Profile. This is a document that is sent to all teachers of your son/ daughter to help them know how best to support your child. Any questions relating to SEND during transition can be sent via email to transition@sacredheart.npcat.org.uk



We will be in touch soon with parents and carers of those students who live in areas where the School bus picks up and drops off.