“Be still, and know that I am God.”

[Psalm 46v10]

At the heart of our academy, the Postgate Centre is set out as a small chapel providing opportunities for every member of the academy community to take time out to be with God.

Every fortnight a Mass is held in the Postgate Centre, which is led by one of the parish priests and prepared by a form class. The name Postgate was suggested by the late Father Dutton, former Parish Priest at St Bede’s, Marske, after the Catholic martyr.

The Venerable Nicholas Postgate was born in Egton in 1596 and at the age of 25 entered The English College in Douai, France to train for the priesthood. This was a risky choice for a man born into a Protestant country and full of anti-Catholic feeling following the break of the Church of England with Rome.

After his ordination Nicholas returned to England and worked tirelessly in secret to prosper the Catholic faith. In the 1660’s he settled at Ugthorpe, ministering to the Catholic faithful in the local area. In 1678 a fake Popish plot, said to be attempting to insta

Nicholas Postgate

Nicholas Postgate

l a Catholic king back on the English throne, led to the murder of a prominent Protestant magistrate in London. The order was given to round up Catholic priests, and Father Postgate was arrested whilst carrying out a baptism in Little Beck near Whitby at the age of 82. He was tried for being a priest and sentenced to a gruesome death; hung, drawn and quartered at York on 7 August 1679.

The work of Nicholas Postage has never been forgotten in the the area and by the 1970’s a campaign for him to be cannonised was started. In 1987 he was beatified by Pope John Paul II.