Attendance – We Are Aiming For 97%

At Sacred Heart we believe that attending the Academy regularly is one of the foundations of successful learning helping to prepare students for the world of work and adult life. We therefore expect every student to attend the Academy and to be punctual. Sacred Heart students achieve over 95% attendance, but we want to raise this to 97%. Find out Attendance poster below.

We recognise that education is a partnership between the Home and the Academy. Under Section 7 of the Education Act 1996, Parents have a legal obligation to ensure that their child receives efficient full time education adn we expect parents/carers to support the Academy in ensuring that their child gets to school every day and on time. Parents who condone absences from school without good reason, commit an offence in law which may result in prosecution.

Authorised absences are limited to:

  • illness
  • medical/dential appointments
  • religious observance
  • study leave
  • interview
  • approved sporting activity
  • educational visit
  • work experience

Absences not covered by the regulations are considered to be unauthorised.

It is expected that parents will telephone the Academy on the first day of absence and send a note to the Attendance Officer, Mrs H Pegden, as soon as the student returns to the Academy.

Parents can check the attendance of their child through the parental portal INSIGHT

From 1 September 2013, the law regarding authorised absence changed and head teachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time. In exceptional circumstances permission may be sought from the Academy before the holiday is booked. No authorisation will be granted for students during periods of modular exams or for any students in September.