On the 6th February 2019, 21, Year 8 Sacred Heart Students took part in the ‘Choose Your Future’ event at the University of Teesside. They were amongst 218 students from across the Tees Valley taking part in activities right across the University campus.

The `Choose Your Future` event was aimed at Year 8 students who wanted to find out what it is like to study at university, and what careers courses can lead to. Our students could choose a workshop based on their area of interest, providing opportunities for them to learn more about the academic subject that they are most passionate about. This event was very timely as our Year 8 students are currently choosing their Pathway Choices for their GCSE’s in Year 9.

As well as the workshops students had the opportunity to explore the ‘market place’.  It was full of information about the courses available at Teesside University.







In the words of the students:

“This was my first visit to a university and it was awesome”

“Today helped me realise there are so many different choices to make when we leave Sacred Heart”

“I met loads of really interesting people today and got to try things I’d never imagined before”

“I loved having the freedom to try lots of new things”

“I couldn’t believe how massive this place is and how many different parts there are to it”


Our students had a fabulous day and were able to find out about the different opportunities below:

Scrub up – operating department practice

Operating department practitioners work alongside surgeons and anaesthetists, often in operating theatres in hospitals. Operating department practice is exciting and interesting and it’s a really important part of healthcare. During this session you scrub up, handle surgical instruments and compete in a fun anatomical quiz.

Nursing practice

Come and learn about the many different areas of nursing, what nurses do and where they work.

You get to practice some important nursing skills including taking temperatures and pulses, giving medications and washing your hands effectively to prevent the spread of germs.

Get active

Join this fun session to explore the world of sport and exercise. Learn how to monitor heart rates and slow your heart rate down through relaxation techniques by using our interactive reaction time system. This activity involves physical movement and fun competition so come ready to go by wearing your trainers!

Build a helipad

Civil engineering involves designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. Learn about this exciting and important profession by working in small teams to design, plan and construct your own offshore helipad. You need to communicate well with your teammates to ensure you can complete your mission.


Mind your own business

Using business simulation software developed by SimVenture, you create your own business strategy and put it into practice. You compete against each other to make the best decisions about marketing, money and succeeding in your business plan.

Crime scene investigation

Serious crimes can happen anywhere and anytime but few are witnessed first-hand. With the help of crime scene investigators, we can work out what’s happened at a crime scene and who may have committed a crime. You learn about gathering evidence and helping to solve crimes through this interesting interactive session.

Junk couture

Do you want to be the next Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham or Louis Vuitton? During this session you create striking works of wearable art using everyday junk materials. Will you be crowned king or queen of the catwalk? A fab session for budding fashionistas.

Behind the music

In this session, you will get hands on experience with our music technology facilities such as iMac workstations running industry standard and research software (for example Pure Data and Reason) and the commercial Pro Tools-based studio, finding out how producers and artists use music to influence perceptions, create particular sounds, and manipulate audio.

Lights, camera, action!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce live television? In this session, you work in our TV studios to pull off a live, multi-camera broadcast. You are put through your paces, working in front of and behind the camera, learning skills including presenting, directing, vision mixing and camera operation.


Hackers, secret messages and code breaking

Computer networks are constantly evolving and play a big part in our lives. Join this exciting session to investigate mass data collection and issues of security, ethics and law. You get a real feel for hacking, cryptography, decoding and code cracking.

Future world – artificial intelligence

Transport yourself into the world of artificial intelligence through the lens of science-fiction movies and exciting research in this informative and inspirational activity. Learn what artificial intelligence is, why it exists and find out how we can build better artificial intelligence machines to help us in our future world.

Explore your creativity – storytelling, poetry and writing

Practice your creativity through writing, storytelling, drama, poetry and debate. Use your literary skills and learn about what it takes to get into a great career in writing, editing or publishing. During this session you stretch your creative boundaries and refine your writing technique.

Computer games character creation

In this interactive session you explore the complex interplay of backstory, traits, skills and abilities that make player computer games characters fun to play. You focus on your personal creativity and work with others to learn how to create the best character possible.

Become a comic character          

Create a self-portrait cartoon caricature of yourself using simple shapes, and explore how to make a great comic character by experimenting with facial expressions, speech balloons, narration and captions. The session concludes with you creating a simple three-panel comic strip that features your own autobiographical character.