The Student Council exists to give all students a voice and to provide a forum to share ideas and express opinions on how to continue making Sacred Heart the best school possible. Each form class is represented by two people, one from each Key Stage and both genders. The fourteen form class representatives from each house form a House Council which meets twice each half term to discuss various issues relating to the life of the school.

The School Council is made up of the head students plus two representatives from each of the House Councils. The Student Council discusses issues raised by staff, governors, parents or the House Councils, at their meetings. Recent topics for discussion have been using mobile phones in the Academy, changing school uniform, school catering provision and support for charities.

Members of the School Council are regularly involved in the recruitment of new staff members, when three representatives are called upon to create a formal interview panel. Council members have found this opportunity to be valuable, not only for their own development, but also as an indication of the importance of the role of being a representative of the student body. The recent change in school uniform was initiated by the Student Council and following the process of discussion through the Full Governing Body and consultation with stakeholders, the students were very proud to have a new uniform implemented from September 2013.