At Sacred Heart Secondary we are always looking for ways of maximising our students’ potential. To help keep our students motivated, focused and engaged, we have developed a document called “Passport to Success”.

The purpose of the Passport to Success is:

1. To enable students to take ownership of their learning throughout each year.

2. To enable students to monitor their progress in 5 key areas:

  • Attitude to Learning
  • Behaviour
  • Attendance
  • Standards
  • Punctuality

3. To facilitate conversations between students, form tutors and parents to better enable students to make improvements in the required areas and celebrate any successes achieved.

4. To reward those students who are showing sustained effort or improvements.

On a weekly basis, to encourage celebrating success, each student will complete the Success Journey part of their Passport to Success.

Each half term, after the tracking has been sent home, students will have a conversation with their form tutor to discuss their progress and any barriers to learning.  Hopefully they will identify the areas in which they are being successful and areas that they need to develop further if they are to be successful.

Students will also traffic light (red, amber and green), each of the 5 key areas mentioned above and discuss this with their form teacher.

Each half term, year 10 and 11 Form tutors will nominate one of their Year 10 student or Year 11 students in their tutor group to go into the Year 10 and 11 Passport to Success rewards draw. This highlights the student who has shown the most improvement/ most sustained effort since the last set of tracking in each tutor group.  The SAL for each year group will then choose 5 overall winners from this list of nominations.  Rewards may include:

  •  Amazon vouchers;
  • Entry to a film at the Cinema;
  • New Look vouchers;
  • JD vouchers;
  • A Preparation for driving lesson with an instructor (Year 11 only).