Sacred Heart Secondary believes that learning outside the classroom is an integral part of a child’s education and a vital aspect of learning.  The curriculum requires a wide variety of learning methods; research, reading, practical tasks, assessment and projects.  These all contribute to effective teaching and sound learning.  Work completed outside of the classroom provides opportunities to:

  • reinforce the learning that has taken place in lessons
  • research topics independently
  • complete creative projects
  • complete tasks which will develop a student’s capacity as a learner
  • consolidate learning
  • practise examination skills
  • develop good time management techniques

Students are given time in the lessons to record the homework that has been set and the date when it is required in their planner.

Assessment and Feedback

Assessment and feedback relating to completed homework tasks may take the form of class discussion, peer assessment, self-assessment or teacher assessment, depending on the nature of the task set.

When a student hands in a piece of homework that is judged to be completed to a high standard they will be issued with an Independent Learner reward point (More information on our rewards page).

Failure to Complete Homework

Students who fail to complete homework to a satisfactory standard or who do not hand in homework by the date required, will be given a consequence which could be:
  • a note in the student planner to parents/ carers
  • a detention at break time, lunch time or after school
  • a phone call home to parents/ carers
If you wish to know more about the Academy’s procedure for handing in homework, please take a look at the document here.
Students are encouraged to seek the support of their class teacher if they are struggling with the homework that has been set. Any students who are unable to access the internet at home are able to use the computers in the Academy library or the IT rooms to complete homework.

Home Support

The co-operation of parents is sought in ensuring that homework is completed adequately and on time by:
  • helping their child to create a routine for completing homework which takes into consideration after school activities and weekend plans
  • creating a learning environment at home which is conducive to good learning e.g. a quiet space with a table to work at
  • discussing tasks and success criteria
  • encouraging their child to check the work before submission
  • checking their child’s planner, making any comments about difficulties that may have arisen in trying to complete the homework, and signing the planner on a weekly basis
  • contacting the child’s Student Achievement Leader if there are any homework related concerns
  • giving praise when homework tasks are completed and deadlines are met
Class teachers need to be able to realistically assess the progress of students. Parents should therefore not complete the homework for their child as this will not demonstrate the student’s own understanding of the subject and may lead to an over dependence on others for unnecessary help.

Year 7 students will be set one or two pieces of homework each day which should last for up to 25 minutes each.

Year 8 students will be set between one and three pieces a night which should last for up to 35 minutes per subject. 

Year 9 students will be set between one and three pieces a night which should last for up to 45 minutes per subject.