“Students with needs or disabilities… are given the extra help they need to make the same progress as their peers.”

Additional Needs

Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary  Voluntary Academy’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy is designed to address the needs of all children, and follows the 2-stage approach outlined in the Code of Practice [COP]. All children will have equality of access to a broad and balanced curriculum. This will mainly be met in the mainstream environment in line with National Curriculum requirements.

Sacred Heart y values and actively encourages partnerships with parents, the Local Education Authority and outside agencies. The parents of any child on the Academy’s SEND Register may receive a full copy of the policy document upon request.

In the classroom, individual teachers have responsibility for the assessment, recording and review of the child’s progress. The SENDCO can be contacted in the event of any queries or concerns. In accordance with the Additional Needs Code of Practice any parent has the option of contacting the LA at anytime. Parents have access to the Parent Partnership Service, which co-ordinates the Independent Parent Partnership [IPS], Tel: 01642 771250.