Sacred Heart Catholic Secondary School

Curriculum Statement

Sacred Heart prides itself on offering an enriching and challenging academic curriculum, which broadens the experience and life chances of our pupils. We teach, as Christ did, with compassion and respect for all – valuing each individual in our community. We have great aspirations for our pupils and invest heavily in motivating them to see a future for themselves where they have the greatest opportunity to feel successful and fulfilled.

Influenced by current research and careful consideration of need, our curriculum is planned to ensure that our pupils engage in a five year process of learning. Appropriate assessment, featuring interleaved learning, ensures that teachers and leaders are able to monitor the progress of pupils and offer additional support where required. Local and national themes weave throughout our curriculum, encouraging pupils to have ownership and to value their learning within our local context. 

Through referencing the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 our curriculum appropriately delivers knowledge and skills which build on the strong foundations from primary school, this prepares all our pupils to succeed at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 and for many to progress to Key Stage 5 and beyond.

We are proud to offer the full range of National Curriculum subjects at Key Stage 3, ensuring a broad curriculum. In accordance with our ambition that all pupils should be offered this broad curriculum, disadvantaged pupils and SEND pupils have access to all National Curriculum subjects at Key Stage 3 including Modern Foreign Languages.