25th March 2021

Update on twice weekly COVID-19 testing at home for students 

Dear parent/carer,

We will be issuing a further six test kits over the next couple of days to your child/(ren),  these along with the kits which have already been distributed will last until the end of April 2021. Your child should continue to test on a Monday and Thursday throughout the Easter holidays and on their return to school on Monday 19th April 2021 (if not the night before).

These kits are issued for your child’s use only school is unable to provide test kits for families and households. Information on how families and households can access home test kits is detailed below.

What should you do after the test?

If anyone tests positive, you, your household, any support bubbles you are part of should self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance for 10 days. You need to report your result to both NHS Test and Trace and to school by calling 01642 487100.  You should order a confirmatory PCR test.

If the result of the test is unclear (void) you should do another test.

Negative and void results should be reported to both NHS Test & Trace and to school via the Arbor Parent Portal or Arbor App.

A negative result does not guarantee that you are not carrying the virus. So, you should continue to follow social distancing, and other measures to reduce transmission such as wearing a face mask and regularly washing your hands and observing social distancing.

If you or anyone in your household gets symptoms of the virus you should follow national guidelines on self-isolation and testing.

Families and households can also access home test kits as follows:

Please contact Mrs S Robinson via [email protected], if you have any questions or concerns about home testing.

Thank you for your support.