The catering service at Sacred Heart has been successfully accessed using a biometric system since the school opened in November 2006. Accounts are created for all staff and students attending the Academy by using an image of the individual’s finger print to create a unique set of markers to identify each person. This data is then used to link the individual accounts with the payment system run by the catering providers Robertson Group.

The cashless biometric system is efficient and easy and has the following advantages:

  • All cash can be deposited into the machines and the accounts are credited in real time
  • Only the individual concerned can be charged for items purchased
  • There is no money changing hands at the point of service
  • Students are only charged for the items that they choose to buy
  • No time is wasted in form time or lessons collecting dinner money
  • There is little opportunity for bullying as nothing can be stolen and abused by another person, which may not be the case with other systems e.g. dinner cards, personal identity numbers or passwords
  • There is no differentiation between students on free school meals and students paying for their own lunch

Due to new legislation, “The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012” we are required to obtain parental consent for the use of the biometric system for each individual in school.

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